Eyelash Extensions & Lash Lifts FAQs

Lash Extension Cleansing

Taking care of your lash extensions is vital not only for the protection for your investment but also for the health of your eyes.

​Lash Lift VS Eyelash Extensions

Sooooo many people ask me what the difference between a Lash Lift and Eyelash Extensions are and I can literally talk all day about the topic. In fact, I do talk all day about Eyelash Extensions as I am also a Certified Minkys Trainer. (if your interested in ​learning how to do lashes, please contact me.)

To save the rest of you from my day long speech I've put together a little information below to help you decide which of these two Eyelash Services would be most suitable for you and your lifestyle.

Have additional questions I didn't answer? Please contact me directly with any questions you may have.

Though these two processes do have some similarities, there are many noticeable differences.

-Both are painless if done correctly. (Most of my clients say the lashes are a bonus, they just come in for the nap lol)

-Extensions and Lifts both are concentrated to the top lashes.

-The health of your natural lashes are the top priority.

-Your natural lashes shed, thus both treatments require some maintenance.

-Lash Lift maintenance is approx every 6 weeks vs Extensions that range from every 1-3 weeks.

- Lash Lift only lifts the natural lash, it does not add any length or volume.

Though, natural lashes can appear longer because of they are lifted at the base.

-Eyelash Extensions can add length and do add volume.

- Both are semi permanent, so the only true commitment is your desire to continue your maintenance.

Your natural lashes shed approximately 3 lashes per eye per day. Without any maintenance your natural lashes will go back to "normal".

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Eyelash Extensions

There are 2 different categories of Eyelash Extensions

1 - Classic Lash Extensions- One extension is placed on a single natural lash.

2 - Volume Lash Extensions - Multiple thinner lashes are hand made into a "fan" and are applied to an individual natural lash. This is commonly referred to as Volume, Russian Volume or Mega Volume Lash Extensions. 

3 - Hybrid - a mix of both Classic and Volume

Both Classic and Volume Lash Extensions place the health and safety of your natural lash 1st, so that permanent damage is not caused. Although your individual look will be 100% dependent on your natural lashes, and your eye shape. Bringing in photos of looks you like, and looks you do not like, can be helpful during your initial visit. A skilled and highly trained professional will only apply extensions that keep all of these factors is mind. 

In order to keep your lashes fabulous and full, extensions require In-Fills every 2-4 weeks. As your natural lashes shed they will take the extensions with it and new lashes will grow in. You'll need to book regular In-Fills to add new extensions onto your new growth.

Your initial Full Set typically takes between 1.5 and 2 hours at a cost of $150 for Classic, $175 for Hybrid and $200 for Volume.

In-Fills are $60 for 2-3 weeks and $70 and Up for 4 weeks.

Keeping your lashes clean is imperative. Simple at home daily maintenance is required and will be explained during your Full Set appointment.

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Lash Lift

A Lash Lift is simply that. Your natural Lashes are "Lifted" at the base with a keratin based process. The effect is similar to that of an eyelash curler, minus the daily damage. A Lash Lift stays in place for approximately 6 weeks, regardless of water and makeup use.

This is a wonderful process for anyone, If you've had reactions to extensions in the past, are taking a break from extensions, or just prefer a simple process, then this is the treatment for you. Once every 6 weeks or so you'll come in for a new lift.

Our natural lashes shed daily, and your new baby lashes will grow back in with your natural curl. Thus the transition between appointments is subtle and nearly unnoticeable.

The initial appointment takes approximately 45 mins including intake forms. Follow up appointments take slightly less time, typically 35 minutes. The cost is $65 for each Lash Lift.

Lash or Brow tinting may also be added onto this service. Please allow additional time and an additional $15-$30.

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Lash Shed Cycle​

There are between 90-120 Natural lashes per upper lid.

Each Eye Sheds between 2-3 Lashes A DAY

What this means is:

1 Week = 21 Lashes Shed

2 Weeks = 42 Lashes Shed

3 Weeks = 63 Lashes Shed

Lash Fills should be done every 2 - 3 weeks for continuously Fabulous Lashes!

Please do remember, oil and adhesive don't mix. So only oil free products around the eye area, this includes eye makeup of all kinds. Absolutely NO MASCARA! You'll ruin your fans by making them sticky, yucky and clumpy. And the most important thing of all WASH YOUR LASHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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Fills from other salons

Yes, I can and will TRY to fill lashes from other salons. Please do understand, each stylist has their own techniques so this may not provide a seamless set on the first try. In some cases we will have to do a removal and a whole new set. Of course this is something I do try to avoid, however, sometimes it is best to just start over. The cost for a Fill from another salon starts at $100 and goes up to the Full Set price of $200.